I am a girl with my own thoughts and views of everyday life.

One Step Forward 

The difference between what you are and what you want to be is... What you choose to do! 


Know Your Worth

there will always be someone who can't see your worth. don't let it be you.

Maui? Yes Please…

Earlier this year I took a trip to Maui. This was the second time I have set foot on this island. The first time, several years ago, does not count. Why? Because I barely remember the weekend. Have you ever... Continue Reading →

Small Town Girl Living in the Big World

I grew up in a very small village in northwest Alaska, so small- according to Wikipedia in 2010- the population was 829. Selawik is approximately 70 miles from Kotzebue. Selawik  is surrounded by 2 rivers, and 2 bridges connect the... Continue Reading →

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