I am a girl with my own thoughts and views of everyday life.


Little Girl Big World

Million Doller View

Well, it may not be a million dollar view to others but this is the view right here.  This picture was taken recently from the 6th floor of a building that is located in Alaska. The top of Alaska that... Continue Reading →


Maui? Yes Please…

Earlier this year I took a trip to Maui. This was the second time I have set foot on this island. The first time, several years ago, does not count. Why? Because I barely remember the weekend. Have you ever... Continue Reading →

Small Town Girl Living in the Big World

I grew up in a very small village in northwest Alaska, so small- according to Wikipedia in 2010- the population was 829. Selawik is approximately 70 miles from Kotzebue. Selawik ┬áis surrounded by 2 rivers, and 2 bridges connect the... Continue Reading →

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