A few weeks ago we went to Disneyland. I am 35, this was my first time ever walking into either of the parks. 

We have 3 children that my boyfriend and I raise. 2 are mine. My oldest daughter went to Disneyworld a few years ago with my sister. As for me and my son and my boyfriends son- this was our first time. 

Let me tell you it was amazing! I still got that “awe” moment. I was lost for a few minutes as I entered and gathered the images into my brain. My thoughts and childhood returned as you see or bump it’s the characters. 

As an adult you know that any characters are human beings like you and I dressed up in a costume. But your brain is excited as your emotions and for a second those reality thoughts vanish. You enjoy the time that your there.

All in all the day we spent at Disneyland was one of the best days I have encountered so far in life. 

We went to a few different parks. More to discuss later.