Well, I have been very fortunate in my life to have worked where I have been the last 11 years, going on 12. I have a unique work schedule, the downside is it requires me being away from my family for weeks at a time.

Back in 2005 I stepped foot on the oilfields of Alaska, and to this day I am still here. Some years back, I believe in 2011 I decided to try the 9-5 gig. Or the stay home gig. The stay home gig didn’t work out as I was hand picked by the company to come and work as a Café Manager on a golf course. I stuck it out for about a year. I worked my 40 hours a week, sometimes more. But my days off were all over the place, I had a small crew, had to come in on my days off and I couldn’t work the what I thought was 9-5.

In 2012 I found myself back here.

Tomorrow is my fly day, every rotation is different, sometimes you can’t wait to leave, sometimes you wish you had more time to finish your projects, rather then have them sit for 2 weeks, but most the time, you can’t wait to get home.

Which to me getting home is see my teenage/adult children, my puppy and my guy.

Happy Travels to all the rotational workers every where!