Over a year ago I decided to see what Ebates was all about. So I signed up.

When you remember to use Ebates you really do get money back. It all depends on which website you decide to shop from. The percentages vary on the return rate. Ebates will send you checks 4 times a year.

Upon your first purchase using Ebates, you will get the option to get a $10 gift card, a sign up bonus.

Last year when I first signed up for Ebates, I was mailed a check for $22.11 cents. Cash I got back from placing orders with Amazon and Kohls. Well most checks have dates, dates of when the check expire. My date came and went, I had placed the check in my glove compartment in my vehicle and forgot about it. NO PROBLEM! If your check expires you can email Ebates and they will send you another check.

Since using Ebates, my total cash back is $36.83. Which doesn’t seem very much. But to get the best return rate for you, you have to be disciplined to use the program. You have to remember to head over to Ebates, look for the website your going to and create a shopping trip.

If your a Amazon shopper! Get your money back, use the Ebates website and make your purchases. Get your BIG FAT CHECK TODAY!

big-fat-checkClick this link to sign up today!