Earlier this year I took a trip to Maui. This was the second time I have set foot on this island. The first time, several years ago, does not count. Why? Because I barely remember the weekend.

Have you ever partied so hard, that you forget where your at? Yes, that was me. I was in my mid 20’s. So this can be roughly 10 years ago.

My younger sister attended HPU on the island of Oahu, she lived there for 9 years. I took many trips to Oahu to get away from the cold Alaskan winter months, it was worth it every time. One weekend we went to Maui. Partied like rockstars!

Back to Maui 2016- my guy and I took a trip to enjoy some nice warm beautiful weather after a long cold harsh winter. Although- winter in Alaska wasn’t as bad as 2011? In 2011 we hit record numbers for snowfalls. Wait, I missed winter 2011! I lived on Oahu that year. But? How did I know? Oh it was on the news. As my family and friends got hit with all the snow I was sweating in 80+ degree weathers.

Well, where was I? So this year we went to Maui and spent an amazing week there. We rented a apartment on Air BnB… It was lovely! We rented a car and went to some fantastic places. It was the best trip I took in years.

The day I took this photo was the very next day on the island of Maui. I’m driving down the road, when we come across all the surfers! I can’t imagine how great it would be in the water to experience this, but was it a beautiful site to see!

To be continued…